The Dead Ringer is an unlockable PDA weapon for the Spy. It is a gold-plated pocket watch with an engraving of a hummingbird on its lid, and a circular Cloak display within. This weapon can't cloak on demand, but when the user right clicks, the watch is held out, and the user cannot attack while it is out. When the user is hit, the user automatically cloaks for a max of 6.5 seconds, has a 90% damage reduction, a 3 second speed boost and never flickers if damaged or bumped for 3 seconds(it will flicker when bumped after the speed boost ends). Also, on hit the user drops a corpse of the spy and an empty ammo box. If the player is disguised as a friendly user, the corpse is a ragdoll of the team-member. The cloak type is: "Feign Death". 

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