The Crusader's Crossbow is a new Primary Weapon for the Medic in Team Fortress 2.

It is part of the Medieval Medic set, along with the Amputator. It is capable of being used in Medieval game modes and is the second ranged weapon allowed to be used (The first is the Huntsman).


This Weapon appears to be shaped like a standard crossbow, with the addition of a tube with a Medic logo on the center. The bolts are reloaded through the back. this weapon can also heal teamates by firing it at them. This weapon has a different form of Damage output, the longer the blot flies through the air, the more damage/more health is delivered. It has less arc than the Huntsman bow, and does not need to be charged. The bolts however do not perform Headshots.


This item is capable of being Crafted, the recipe consists of Scrap Metal, and a Huntsman. It can also be found or bought in the Mann Co. Supply Store.


  • This weapon can be used to improve the effective weapon range of the Medic.
  • If your teammates are engaged in a melee battle at range, than this weapon is a good choice as it can either heal your teammates or damage your enemies, and better at long range as it heals or damages more with distance.
  • This weapon, as a projectile, arcs over distance. Take this into account while sniping.
  • Critical arrows will damage 3 times as much as usual, making them extremely good support weapons, since they also have random critical hits. A critical bolt from long distance will damage the enemy a massive 225 but will NOT heal your teammates more than normal from the same distance.


  • This weapon does not perform headshots, yet the bolt fired can still punch straight through an enemies head, which in theory, should kill most beings, considering there is an Arrow lodged in their brain!


This weapon has a odd damage falloff system, as at close range the arrow does less damage and ar long range they do more damage. At point blank range, they heal or damage 25, medium 50, and long range 75. Criticals damage more, doing 75, 150, and 225 damage. This weapon cannot Overheal a player, and the health healed does give uber to the medic.

Item icon Festive Crusader's Crossbow

A festive crusader's crossbow.

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