The Cow Mangler 5000 is a primary weapon for the Soldier. It is a large, shoulder-fired, retro-futuristic ray gun. Several portions are team-colored, and arcs of electricity appear periodically on the frontal nodes. This rocket launcher does not use ammo, but still needs reloading and has a clip size of 4. This weapon has the same reload time and firing speed as the default Rocket Launcher. This weapon does not have random critical hits, and cannot be crit boosted essentially meaning this weapon does not have a critical rocket.  This weapon deals 80% less damage to buildings, about 18 damage. The main feature of this weapon is its charged shot. The player can only do this when the clip is full (the mangler bar will be red), and activates this by right clicking or using the special attack button input. The charging slows the player down to 27% speed, and takes 2 seconds. When used, the player will fire a shot that will consume all ammo, mini-crits players, disables buildings within the splash radius for 4 seconds, and 6 seconds of afterburn that damages as the same rate of a Flamethrower. A stunned building cannot do any of its normal functions, and are more or less harmless "props" for the duration of the stun. The stun time cannot be shortened in any way. A reflected projectile from a crit-boosted Flamethrower actually makes the rocket be a critical rocket, despite the stats saying there are no crits. This is likely a bug or an oversight. A reflected charge shot can disable buildings friendly to the Soldier, and functions the same.

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