In Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic , the Concussion Grenade can be used for Concussion Jumping (or Conc Jumping for short) ; an incredibly useful technique which makes the Scout and Medic very agile. Concussion jumping can be achieved in either of these two ways;

  • By throwing a Concussion Grenade onto the ground and jumping over it right as it explodes. This is usually the easier of the two to perform, but one must remember that the power of the concussion blast increases as the distance from the center of the blast radius increases, therefore being strongest right at the very edge of the blast radius.
  • By priming the Concussion Grenade without letting it go and jumping at the correct moment. This is know as a hand held (HH for short) conc. This type of Conc Jumping can be slightly more difficult to perform, and is also more dependent on your ping.

It is also possible to chain several consecutive Conc Jumps. Chaining two Concussion Grenades can be very useful in actual gameplay, such as throwing one down then priming another in one hand. Using more than two grenades has very little use in actual gameplay, and is mostly used to complete "trick" maps.