Concussion Grenade


Used by

Scout, Medic

The Concussion Grenade (or Conc) (Stun Grenade in ETF) is a secondary grenade in the Team Fortress games. When the timer goes off, the grenade releases a wave of energy that shoots away anyone near it. Those affected by the conc will have their screen either moving around in random directions (QWTF and ETF) or the screen will twirl around (TFC).

The Conc Grenade is used by the Scout and Medic.


Main article: Concjumping

The Concussion Grenade is primarily used for a trick called "Concjumping". Just before the grenade explodes, jump and you will be propelled forward in the air. The speed depends on when you jump, and where you are in the Conc's blast radius when it explodes. When mastered, the Concjump can be used to skip half of a map.

The Conc Greande is also useful for screwing up the aim of a Sniper or Heavy. If you know you're going to die and you can't concjump anywhere, toss a conc grenade at either one of them. This effect makes it extremely difficult for them to aim for a few seconds, which is a major help for you and your allies.


  • In reality, a Concussion Grenade (or HE Grenade) is a grenade that relies only on the grenade's explosion to cause damage. Ironically, the Frag Grenade behaves more like a real concussion grenade than the Concussion Grenades in TF games.


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