Spy's cloaking TF2

Cloak, or cloaking, is an inherent ability of the Spy that is influenced by the Invisibility Watch, Cloak and Dagger, Dead Ringer, Enthusiast's Timepiece, and Quackenbirdt. Cloaking allows the Spy to become invisible for short periods of time, depending on the watch he's wearing, allowing him to move unnoticed through enemy lines or make a quick escape when attacked. While cloaked, the Spy is unable to attack for the duration of the Cloak. The default Invisibility Watch time is 9.5 seconds, including decloaking and cloaking. You are unable to attack for .56 seconds after declocking, so level 3 sentries will be able to kill you before putting a Sapper on them if you aren't disguised or cloaked. While cloaked, avoid bumping into enemies as they will see your outline and most likely try to kill you if they notice you. A good strategy if caught as a spy is to head one direction while partially cloaked and change after fully, as the enemy will likely think you are still heading in the same direction. After this, you may uncloak and try to backstab, shoot the target, or flee. A common mistake is to uncloak right behind your tar get before backstabbing; this is not good as it gives your target more time to turn around and kill you, so uncloak shortly before you will get to the victim.

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