The Chargin' Targe is an unlockable secondary weapon for the Demoman. It is an antique, blood-stained wooden shield with a painted yellow cross and reinforced by an iron rim with bolts and a deadly center spike. A portion of the shield is missing and splintered. While this weapon may take away your valuable Stickybomb Launcher, merely equipping this gives you 50% Fire resistance and 30% explosive resistance. As a bonus, right-clicking (default) or using your special attack key with let you charge forward at 2.5 times your normal speed (2.0 times with the Scotsman Skullcutter equipped), and all your melee attacks become automatic Critical Hits. If your shield hits an enemy they will take damage increasing with the distance of the charge. This is increased for every head you get, (all melee kills) with a max amount of 5. All heads are lost on death, like the Eyelander. As with all shields, shield charging will remove some status effects including Afterburn, Jarate, Mad Milk, and Bleed from the user.   

Oddly, due to a bug in the way that heads are stored, a sniper with the Bazaar Bargain equipped with heads will give the demoman all the heads the sniper had on death, and vice-versa if a sniper headshots the demoman.
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