Bounty Hat

Bounty Hat on Demo

Basic Information
Worn by All
Released December 7, 2010 Patch
Availability Promotional
Tradable No
Giftable Yes
Craftable No
Paintable Yes
Nameable Yes
Craft #? No
"Bloody Brilliant!"
The Demoman

The Bounty Hat is a promotional cosmetic item, wearable by all classes. It is a worn-out tricorne hat topped with a closed treasure chest. The Bounty Hat was awarded to players that completed 5 out of 28 objectives in The Great Steam Treasure Hunt. Users who completed the requisite number of Treasure Hunt objectives were required to visit the promotion page and click the "Unlock Hat" button in order to have the hat added to their backpack. When the user obtained 15 Treasure Hunt achievements, the Bounty Hat could be upgraded to the Treasure Hat.