The Black Box is a community-made primary weapon for the Soldier. It is a black, rectangular rocket launcher with rounded edges, sporting two dark grey fastening bands near the front end and case coverings hanging open at both ends of the weapon. The rear case covering swings idly. On hit, this weapon gives the player 15 health. The player will not be granted health if the target is a disguised and/or cloaked Spy, nor if the target is under a normal Medigun's Ubercharge. This weapon grants the 15 health by splash, so if 3 enemies take any damage from one rocket, 15 times 3 is 45, resulting in the Soldier getting 45 health. This weapon does not grant Overheal. The downside is that the clip size is 25% smaller making powerful prolonged combat significantly harder with a clip of 3.      

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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