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The Bioweapon (Medkit in TFC and Syringe in ETF) is a weapon in the Team Fortress series. When used on allies, it will either heal them to 100% health, regardless of their current hp, or if they're over their maximum HP, if will increase their health by five until it reaches 150% of their HP. The HP additional HP obtained from the Bioweapon will slowly "bleed" out over time, until the user has 100% of his HP.

When used against enemies, it will infect them with a deadly Infection that can only be cured by a Medic on their team.

In QWTF LAN play, the Bioweapon must be switched between its healing and attack modes by hitting the "1" key.


The Bioweapon is as extremly useful weapon if used right. After you spawn in, you should spend a few seconds increasing your ally's HP. Classes with low health, such as the Scout will greatly benefit from having their HP increased, so try to target them first. Strong classes, such as the Soldier and Heavy, are extremely resistant to damage if their HP is boosted, so try to help them as well.

While attacking the enemy's base, try to heal any of your fellow attackers. Being healed to 100% can help in a big way, especially if an ally has taken major damage and either needs to go deeper into the enemy base or has the flag and needs to get out.

The Bioweapon can cause extreme panic if used properly on enemies. If you infect an area frequently visited by enemies, you can manage to infect most of a team if your enemies are unaware that the people in the room are infected.

Since an Infection will always kill a target if he is not healed, you should try to hit strong defenders, such as the Heavy, with it. A Heavy that is weakened by an Infection is much easier to kill than one that isn't.



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