The Battalion's Backup is a community-made secondary weapon for the Soldier. It is a military backpack-mounted radio transceiver, featuring a folded map secured by two brown straps, along with an attached black magnetic compass. Accompanying it is a bronze-colored bugle with a pewter mouthpiece, and a tattered yellow triangular banner, patched up and reattached in the middle, that is displayed when the buff is active. There is a rage meter that can be filled by dealing damage, once it's filled use your special attack button (default is right-click) to blow the bugle. It gives the Soldier 20 extra max health, boosting it to 220. It takes the regular 600 damage to charge it, and lasts for the standard 10 seconds. Its effect forces all crits to become regular damage, reduces damage incoming by 35% from all souces, and Sentry Gun damage by 50%. The 50% Sentry resistance will not stack with the 35% damage resistance. It can be seen as a defensive version/Sentry nest killer version of the Buff Banner do to insted of dealing 35% more damage (mini-crits) it protects teammates 35% damage and massively reduces Sentry damage. The activation time is slightly less than the Buff Banner, 2.645 seconds instead of 3 seconds. It is part of the Tank Buster Item Set.

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