The Backpack is an item in the Team Fortress series. It contains a mixture of Ammo, Armor, health and occasionally Grenades. Early Quake Team Fortress maps do not use backpacks outside of spawn rooms, as most mapmakers simply placed needed items, such as ammo and Medkits, as individual items on the ground. However, by the time of late QWTF and Team Fortress Classic, Backpacks have become the standard way of placing supplies in a level.


In most maps, backpacks respawn quickly, so feel free to grab one whenever you need to. However, running over and grabbing a backpack after losing little ammo or health usually angers people that need the supplies from the backpack, because they have to wait for the backpack to respawn.

Grenade backpacks (which are usually marked by a "Grenade" sign near them) should be reserved for classes that make frequent use of grenades, such as Scouts, Spies, Medics and Demomen. Grabbing a grenade as a class that doesn't usually need extra grenades, such as the Pyro, will usually frustrate your team unless you state that you really need the backpack before you grab it.


  • This item is from the original Quake. In that game, players drop backpacks that contain all of their ammo they have when they die.
  • A reskinned Backpack is used for the Detpack's model in QWTF.

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