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The Back Scatter is a community-created primary weapon for the Scout. It is a short, slightly-modified lever-action shotgun with a wooden handle, a single barrel, and a small dual shell drum. The Back Scatter was contributed to the Steam Workshop under the name "The 3lb Trigger". This scattergun, as the name suggests, mini-crits the targets when shooting them in the back at close range only. The "back" range is the same as a Backstab, 180 degrees. However, as a downside it is 20% less accurate, so if it mini-critted outside of short range it wouldn't do much damage anyway. Also, it cannot deal random critical hits and has a 34% smaller clip size, so it holds 4 shots, forcing the player to aim carefully along with the less accuracy. Mini-crit pellets do 8-14 each, resulting in a maximum of 140 damage per shot at close range, enough to kill all 125 health classes in a single shot. 2 shots on a normal Heavy will leave him with about 20-50 health left, easy enough to take care of with a single shot.

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