The Axtinguisher is an unlockable melee weapon for the Pyro in Team Fortress 2. It is an unlockable replacement for the default Fire Axe. Its appearance is that of a Fire Axe that has a few noticeable changes. Its wooden handle has been
broken, and the axe head is wrapped with barbed wire. It has the ability to deal guaranteed critical hits on foes that are burning from behind, at the cost of doing just 50% of the normal damage on non-burning enemies. The Axtinguisher is only meant to be used on players that aren't Pyros since Pyros in TF2 are completely invulnerable to Afterburn. It is best used with the Backburner due to its guaranteed critical hits or the Degreaser, which has a faster weapon switch, and a shorter period where players can't use weapons after switching. Players can use the Axtinguisher more effectively when they switch quickly before your target gets out of range. Hitting enemies that are on fire from the front will only deal a mini-crit (88 damage). The range from front to back is the same as a backstab (180 degrees).
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