The Axe is a weapon in the Team Fortress series. It is the melee weapon that is available to classes that do not have a unique melee weapon (the Bioweapon, Knife, or Wrench). It does little damage and should only be used as a last resort weapon and/or humiliation weapon.

It is used by the Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Heavy, Demoman and the Quake Team Fortress and Enemy Territory Fortress Civilian.


As stated earlier, the Axe is a last resort weapon. It should only be used if either have no ammo or have no time to reload your other weapons.

If you need to use the Axe, you should try to run up to the target, make a swing, and retreat. However, enemies will figure this out after a while, so you should try to mix it up by strafing for a while between hits.


Team Fortress Classic uses a Crowbar as a melee weapon, but is otherwise the same as the Axe. In fact, the game's files list the Crowbar as an axe.

This weapon is probably a reference to the Half-Life series.


In Team Fortress Classic, the Civilian uses a unique melee weapon called the Umbrella. Despite its looks, it is exactly the same as the Axe and Crowbar. It should only be used as a last resort weapon; charging an enemy with this weapon is suicide.


Article on Official Team Fortress Wiki: Fire Axe

The Axe returns as a melee weapon in Team Fortress 2, but this time it is a fireaxe used by the Pyro. Like all default TF2 melee weapons, it does a decent amount of damage and has a high critical rate hit. Its base,mini-crit and full crit damage is all identical to many other default melee weapons in the game.


  • This weapon is from the original Quake.
  • The TFC Crowbar uses the HL1 Crowbar's model.
  • The Crowbar was in early builds of the current Team Fortress 2, but was removed in favor of unique melee weapons for each class.
  • The Viewmodel for the Umbrella was Reused for the Half-life mod 'They Hunger'.

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