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The Automatic Rifle (also known as the Assault Rifle) is a weapon in the Team Fortress games. It fires a stream of bullets that have near-perfect accuracy. It is also surprisingly powerful and effective, given that is not a primary weapon.

It is only used by the Sniper.


In all of the Team Fortress games, the Automatic Rifle is the best weapon for personal defense. If you are playing Sniper and you see that an enemy is getting too close, switch to the Automatic Rifle and mow them down with it before they can kill you. Since its bullets will instantly hit a target, it makes it much more difficult for an enemy to successfully avoid your fire.

The Automatic Rifle's near-perfect accuracy makes it a great weapon to engage medium-range targets when you don't want to deal with the Sniper Rifle's charging system. First, zoom in on a target with the Sniper Rifle, then zoom out and switch to the Automatic Rifle. Then, begin firing at the target. Most of the time, you'll be able to kill a target before you run out of ammo if a majority of your shots hit the target.

When using the automatic Rifle, remember that it uses the same ammo that the Sniper Rifle does. Therefore, if you wish to snipe, don't use the Automatic Rifle too often, or you won't have any ammo for the Sniper Rifle.


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  • The Automatic Rifle uses the Sniper Rifle's model in every Team Fortress game.
  • In TFC and Quake Team Fortress, both the Sniper Rifle and the Automatic Rifle shares the same model, but each one has different animations.
  • In Quake Team Fortress, both the Sniper Rifle and Automatic Rifle are the only weapons held at the right side as opposed to the center like most guns.

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