In the Team Fortress series, Armor is used by every class except the Civilian. By default, classes spawn with half of their maximum armor. Armor can be obtained from either Backpacks or actual armor placed by mapmakers (such as in 2fort).

In Quake Team Fortress, if you pick up an armor that is a lower level than the armor you are currently equipped with, your armor level will change to the lower-class armor.

Types of ArmorEdit


Green armor absorbs 30% of damage. It is used by the Scout and Sniper.


Yellow armor absorbs 60% of damage. It is used by the Medic, Demoman, Pyro, Spy, and Engineer. Yellow armor is a common armor in early QWTF maps.


Red armor absorbs 80% of damage. It is used by the Soldier and Heavy.

QWTF Types of ArmorEdit

In addition to the Quake armors, QWTF has certain types of armor that most classes are equipped with when they spawn. In addition, these armor types can be added to armors in maps by map-makers. This concept was officially dropped in subsequent Team Fortress games, but there is support for it in TFC and ETF, which allow map makers to use them in their maps.

Kevlar ArmorEdit

This weapon absorbs 50% damage from bullets.

Blast ArmorEdit

This weapon absorbs 50% of explosion damage.

Wooden ArmorEdit

This weapon absorbs 50% of nail damage.

Asbestos ArmorEdit

This weapon absorbs 50% of fire damage.

Shock ArmorEdit

This weapon absorbs 50% of electricity damage.

Chargers and Batteries (TFC Only)Edit

An alternative way to recharge armor in unofficial maps is to use Batteries and HEV Chargers, which are usable by all classes. Both of those items come from Half-Life.


  • The concept of armor and the armor types are from the original Quake.

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