Ambassador team fortress 2
The Ambassador is a weapon for the primary slot for the Spy. It is a level 10 revolver that always inflicts Critical Hits upon a headshot. The downside to this weapon is that all damage dealt with this weapon comes with a -15% damage decrease, a 20% slower firing speed, and no random critical hits. In addition, whenever you continously fire, the crosshair will grow in size, meaning less accurate shots, forcing the player to shoot slowly and carefully. If the crosshair is larger than its minimum size, headshots are not possible. A headshot deals 102 damage, and to be able to headshot, players must wait .96 seconds, meaning the max damage is 204 per second, but this is un-sustainable for the next second. This weapon is automatically given to any player who has completed at least 5 spy achievements.


  • When the spy reloads the ambassador, he doesn't actually put any bullets in it.
  • The woman imprinted on the gun is supposed to be the scout’s mother


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