The Air Strike is a primary community created weapon for the Soldier. It is a green atom bomb-shaped rocket launcher with a white checkered pattern near the front. It fires a green and white missile with fins on the front and back of the projectile.

As the name suggests, the player will get the most benefit out of this weapon when rocket jumping, particularly with the B.A.S.E. Jumper to slow decent. While rocket jumping, you fire much, much faster and on kill, your clip size is increased by one up to a maximum of 8, which stays until death. However, to balance such a powerful on-kill weapon, the inital clip size is reduced by 25% (clip size of 3), the damage is decreased by 25% putting the damage per rocket on par with the Liberty Launcher, and the splash damage range is decreased by 15%, all together making it considerably harder to get the first couple kills.

However, after that, every time you rocket jump you become a deadly "Air Strike" shooting 5+ rockets per rocket jump. However, the huge clip size also takes some time to reload, so reload frequently between jumps or battles. The air strike also pairs well with the Gunboats, as the reduced damage from rocket jumping allows you to rocket jump more, therefore get more kills, while rocket jumping, snipers (unless they have the Machina equipped) cannot kill you with a single fully charged bodyshot, unlike the b.a.s.e. jumper. Also, snipers will have a harder time head-shotting you as you are not falling slowly, also unlike the b.a.s.e. jumper. Unfortunately, you have a smaller time-window to get a kill as you fall faster.

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