Afterburn or Fire is when a player is on fire usually from a weapon done by another player. All fire lasts the same time (10 seconds) and does the same damage per second except for the Cow Mangler 5000, which lasts for 6 second but deals normal damage and the Degreaser which has the same time as normal fire but deals 25% less damage. There is no critical fire, or natural fire in any non-custom map even though there is a kill icon for environmental fire death which is activated without mods if a custom map has fire that can hurt players. There is mini-crit fire that does 4 damage a tick, and deals 80 damage over 10 seconds. Afterburn normally deals 3 damage per tick, dealing 60 damage over 10 seconds. The Degreaser's fire does 2 damage every tick, resulting in 40 damage over 10 seconds. Fire can mini-crit if forced to, by Jarate, being marked for death, and other ways. Players killed by fire or afterburn drop a burning corpse. By default, there are no gibs for fire, but if cl_burninggibs is set to 1, there are burning gib pieces. Fire easily reveals a cloaked Spy, even if s/he is using the Dead Ringer, as fire still shows up for them. All classes have special lines for being set on fire.

Fire effect kill icon TF2

Unused kill icon for environmental fire death.

Fire Damage Weapons

All of these weapons can deal fire damage in one way or another.         





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