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Action items are usable game items. Introduced in the Mann-Conomy Update, action items are similar to Tools in that some of them have a limited number of uses (indicated by a number on their icon in the backpack); the difference being that action items can be equipped on players using their own slot (previously named "MISC2"). Most action items can only be obtained via purchase from the Mann Co. Store, the exception being the Dueling Mini-Game and some taunts which can also be found via the item drop system or inside Mann Co. Supply Crates. Currently, action items cannot be used with or obtained through the Crafting system.

Pressing the action key (H is the default) will allow you to use whatever action item is currently equipped in your action slot. Be aware that some items will bring up a menu when activated, therefore use these items in a safe spot. The Dueling Mini-Game, for example, will prompt you to pick the opponent you wish to duel, and the gifts will prompt you to confirm you wish to use it. However, the Noise Makers are activated instantly.

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