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This is a complete listing of all achievements available in Team Fortress 2. There are currently 448 total achievements (385, excluding Milestones). For all statistics related to achievements, see TF2 statistics on Steam.

Achievements are sets of in-game challenges and goals that allow players to be rewarded for special actions while playing. There are currently a set of general achievements, a set of achievements for each class, sets for all three Halloween events, two sets for the specific maps (Foundry and Doomsday), and a set related to the Replay feature (TF2 In-Game Moviemaker).

When a player obtains an achievement, a trophy image briefly appears over their head. An applause sound will play as the accomplishment is announced to all players in the server through the TF2 chat, except a Cloaked or Disguised Spy. When a player obtains a certain amount of achievements in a Class set, they additionally unlock a Milestone achievement that rewards them with an untradable achievement weapon.

All achievements can be completed at any time in the game. The exceptions to this rule are a few from the Halloween sets which could only be obtained during the Haunted Hallowe'en Special in 2009, Scream Fortress in 2010, Very Scary Halloween Special in 2011 and Spectral Halloween Special in 2012. Some of these normally unobtainable achievements can be earned on servers where the Halloween mode is enabled.

Class specific achievements


Scout leaderboard icon TF2.png

Scout pack:
38 achievements, 3 Milestones
Obtaining Scout achievements


Soldier leaderboard icon TF2.png

Soldier pack:
38 achievements, 3 Milestones
Obtaining Soldier achievements


Pyro leaderboard icon TF2.png

Pyro pack:
39 achievements, 3 Milestones
Obtaining Pyro achievements


Demoman leaderboard icon TF2.png

Demoman pack:
38 achievements, 3 Milestones
Obtaining Demoman achievements


Heavy leaderboard icon TF2.png

Heavy pack:
38 achievements, 3 Milestones
Obtaining Heavy achievements


Engineer leaderboard icon TF2.png

Engineer pack:
38 achievements, 3 Milestones
Obtaining Engineer achievements


Medic leaderboard icon TF2.png

Medic pack:
39 achievements, 3 Milestones
Obtaining Medic achievements


Sniper leaderboard icon TF2.png

Sniper pack:
38 achievements, 3 Milestones
Obtaining Sniper achievements


Spy leaderboard icon TF2.png

Spy pack:
37 achievements, 3 Milestones
Obtaining Spy achievements

General achievements

There are 24 general achievements. For tips and strategies on how to complete these achievements, refer to the Obtaining achievements page.

Class-specific general achievements do not count towards achievement milestones for that class (e.g. earning the Grey Matter achievement by obtaining 25 headshots as a Sniper will not count towards any of the Sniper milestones).

17 achievements formed the original set that were available when the game was launched. Subsequent updates and cross-promotions added new ones including the most recent 35 for Mann vs. Machine and 2 for the Spectral Halloween Special updates.